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Public Opinion on Free-Market Economy

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Germany, Brazil and China the countries where public opinion is most in favor of the free market system and free market economy as the best system on which to base the future of the world according to a poll done by GlobeScan.

GlobalScan made 12,884 interviews in 25 countries asking the opinion about following statement:

The free market system and free market economy is the best system on which to base the future of the world.

The results are shown on below chart.

Public Opinion on Free-Market Economy

Chart: Public Opinion on Free-Market Economy


Besides that people in Germany (68 % approval), closely followed by Brazil and China (67% each) are most in favor of the free market economy as the system for the future, the findings show that the public opinion in several major emerging economies is supporting the free market idea stronger than people in the USA and Canada (59% approval, same as India).

Source: GlobalScan website: Sharp Drop in American Enthusiasm for Free Market, Poll Shows

Hartmut Buettner @ April 9, 2011

World Bank Live

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World Bank Live is a space for online engagement on development topics, via chats, blogging and webcasts.

On the World Bank Live website you will find links to upcoming and completed live events.

For example below you can watch the April 5, 2011 Webcast: Live Q&A: East Asia and Pacific Update in which Vikram Nehru, Chief Economist for the East Asia and Pacific region, and Ivailo Izvorski, Lead Economist for the region, discussed the latest economic update for the East Asia and Pacific region.

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The next upcoming webcast on World Bank Live will be about The Challenge of Managing Crises in a Rapidly Changing World and is scheduled for April 13, 2011 at 14:00 GMT.

Hartmut Buettner @ April 7, 2011

Asian Development Outlook 2011

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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) released the Asian Development Outlook 2011 today. It provides an analysis of economic performance for the past year and offers forecasts for the next 2 years for the 45 Asian economies which form developing Asia.

Despite inflation[ ((After 4.4% in 2010, consumer prices are expected to rise to 5.3% in 2011 before decreasing back to 4.6% in 2012))], high food and oil prices as well as global uncertainties, developing Asia is expected to continue to expand over the next two years. ADB forecasts the regions gross domestic product to increase 7.8% in 2011 and 7.7% in 2012, compared to 9% in 2010.

Changyong Rhee, ADB’s Chief Economis, said, “Developing Asia, having shown resilience throughout the global recession, is now consolidating its recovery and rapid expansion in the region’s two giants – the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and India – will continue to lift regional and global growth.”

However, according to the report, it will be necessary to manage inflation carefully using more flexible exchange rates and coordinated capital controls.

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Hartmut Buettner @ April 6, 2011

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